Airfrying for the first time? Read this quick guide before you purchase one.

Airfrying for the first time? Read this quick guide before you purchase one.

Hey Guys, Girls & Non-binary pals! 

We hope you have read the article we wrote about what an air fryer really is? 
If not, you can read it here 

So you've bought an Air fryer or maybe you're still sitting on the fence waiting for the day. The day, is today. 

Here's a quick guide on using an air fryer to get you started off (Assuming that this is your first time)

What we suggest is that you make a trip down to your favourite supermarket. Go through the frozen food section. Choose 2-3 of your favourite processed frozen food, food like Nuggets, French fries, Popcorn chicken, fried chicken, Korean corn dogs etc.
Remember that feeling when you were a kid, entering Toys "r" us with all the latest toys in sight. This is the adult version. It can be quite exciting and fun going through all the unique and different frozen food from all over the world! 

Start off by air-frying these food, you can usually find the suggested time and temperature at the back of the packaging for air frying. 

Time and temperature.

Kyvol Epichef control panel

You're all excited now to try it out but It's normal to feel unsure about the how hot or how long you should air fry your food if there are no instructions. Here's a guide, stick to 180°c, for about 10-12min. Temperature stays the same, but the time should be adjusted accordingly to how much food you air-fry at once. The lesser your food, the shorter the time you need, vice-versa.
Use your eyes too, look through the viewing window, once it's golden brown and crispy on the outside, it's usually done.

Placement of food in the basket.

food in air fryer basket

Throw in as much or as little food you want to devour, however, one thing you should take note of is that you should not overcrowd the basket. As an air fryer uses air to "fry" your food, that means that you need space for air to flow around your food. Too crowded, your food won't cook evenly, you'll notice patches of soggy spots.
So, don't overcrowd it, leave some space in between your food. Don't need for 1 meter social distancing, just tiny gaps will do. 

Toss or flipping your food.

tossing food air fryer

If you're making small food items like fries or popcorn chicken, it's essential that you toss/shake your fries occasionally to encourage even cooking. Now, when we say shake, don't just slide it back and forth. Toss it! Toss like a Chinese chef using a wok, make sure your food flips, somersaults, jumps or even maybe a handstand.

For larger food items like chicken cutlets or fried chicken, open the basket and flip your food once during the half way mark. 

Taking your food out.

air fryer roast chicken

It's really as easy as pulling out the basket and pouring it into a bowl or plate. However, when you air fry food with high content of fats, there will be oil drippings collected at the bottom of the basket. If you don't mind having those flavourful oil drippings, go ahead and just pour it out. If you do mind, well, just use a pair of tong to take your food out. 

And hey, that's really about it. With an air fryer, you don't need pots and pans, large amount of oil, the heat from deep-frying and last but not least, the cleaning up! 

Once you're an air fryer frozen food expert, you'll be advancing into a whole new world of air frying. That's when you start going for advanced air fryer recipes and actually make delicious gourmet food from scratch.

Kyvol air fryer app

We have 100+ guided recipes on the Kyvol App which will be updated monthly to delight your taste buds. We won't leave you hanging. 

So, there you go, we hope this article will help you stay informed and confident when you decide use an air fryer for the first time.

Frozen food or food from scratch, your tummy will be undeniably satisfied with Epichef as your kitchen partner.

Let's munch together.

With so much love,

Team Kyvol Singapore