An air fryer WORKS just like an oven, but how is it really different?

An air fryer WORKS just like an oven, but how is it really different?

Have you ever found your traditional oven to be a hassle to use? It takes ages to pre-heat, you need mittens handy, it heats up the whole kitchen and energy consumption is enough to make anyone dread using it.

Little fact that may surprise you, did you know an air fryer works just like an oven too? However, it’s a little more powerful and mightier.  

Heavily promoted and displayed in advertisements and in stores, air fryers have become really popular over the past few years.

But what really sets an air fryer apart from an oven? 

The most significant difference between an oven and an air-fryer would be its compact size and its ease of use. No mittens needed, pre-heats to 200°c in under 90 sec, takes up less space, is portable and requires way less time to prepare the same kind of food. (Even roasting a whole bird!)

Both appliances use a fan to distribute heat, but an air-fryer heats up way faster due to its small cavity. With a small cavity, it means that the heat gets really intense, with the heat being so intense, it literally “fries” up anything in its way, giving you that crispy and juicy result that we all love that’s similar to deep frying. 

In short, does a smaller or a larger sauna room with the same power make heat more intense?
We know you’re smart enough to get it.  

Next, Need to flip or toss your food?

With an air fryer, just pull the basket out and shake it! 

An oven? You need mittens, you have to open the “door” and be greeted by a wave of heat, you got to be careful not to burn yourself while taking the tray of food out, set it on your table, grab your tongs, flip your food, grab your mittens, put it back into the oven while having sweat trickling down your face in a heated kitchen and cooking in a tropical country like Singapore doesn’t really help!

Maintenance and cleaning

We will leave the imagination of cleaning an oven to you. It’s probably worth another separate article! Gosh.

However, for an air fryer, all you need to maintain is the basket and the crisper plate. 7-8 min tops and it’s ready to rock and roll again.

So what food would work best with an air-fryer? Just to name a few, you could roast a bird, make hard or soft boiled eggs (wow right?), bake a fluffy cake, dehydrate fruits or meats for your pets, reheating deliveries to dine-in quality. Well, to be honest, the possibilities are endless.

This compact kitchen partner is really the epitome of convenient home cooking. It is quick, healthy, safe, and best of all, it will leave the person on clean up duty, smiling.

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We have no doubts about that at all.