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Epichef Smart Air Fryer

Answers to great questions you asked about Epichef here.

The Carbon fiber tube (Heating element) is capable of firing up to a whopping 500°c, that will literally burn off all gunk and grease around the area keeping it as clean as possible. So, the more you use it, the cleaner it gets. You are only to maintain the basket.

100% of all other basket style air fryer heating element is stainless steel coil. It's not the same.

Yes. The entire basket and crisper plate is layered with Nano Ceramic non-stick coating. It's the highest grade coating and the non-toxic option from PTFE (Teflon). Cleaning will be a breeze, all grease and gunk will be cleaned off with just a gentle wipe.

That depends, if you're air frying processed fried food like fries, nuggets etc, you don't have to spray any oil because you're basically just reheating it. However, if you're air frying raw food, it is recommended to spray a little bit of oil for better texture and flavour.

The maximum time it can operate is 6hours. If you need to increase the timing, just re-adjust the timing from your smartphone.

It really depends on what you cook. The capacity of the basket is 5.7L. That will allow you to cook a whole chicken of up to 1.8kg in weight. That will feed up to 5 people.


The Kyvol Epichef air fryer has passed all the food safety-related tests such as FDA Approved, Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 October 2004-on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and repealing Directives 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC, Germany Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, French DGCCRF, Japan Food Sanitation Law 370, etc.

Yes of course. There will be no issues with using the touch panel with wet hands.

Absolutely, the touch sensitive display is easy to read and use, coupled with the turning knob that makes temp or time adjustments quick, seamless and an absolute breeze.

The Kyvol App allows you to perform a wide array of functions on Epichef right from your smartphone. Perfect for recipes that call for changes in temperature. Also, you get to delight your taste buds with 100+ guided recipes that will be updated monthly.

That's the heating element that provides heat to cook your food. Every other basket air fryer uses stainless steel coil which only uses the power of heat. Epichef's Carbonfiber™ Tube utilizes the power of Heat & Light which makes cooking 30% faster*

Yes. If you have a dishwasher, just throw it in when it gets dirty.

Any accessories or kitchenware that is safe to use in an oven is safe to use in Epichef. Check the bottom of your wares. Parchment paper, aluminium foil, baking dishes, Silicone bowls, metal accessories are a few examples of items that you can use in Epichef.

*Any form of plastic should not be in Epichef. Even if it says "Microwaveable"

Epichef is designed in Hong kong, kowloon and assembled in shenzhen, China in partnership with with a highly vetted factory to ensure the finest quality.

Trial & Warranty

Risk-free 1 month trial period

Answers to great questions you asked about Epichef's Risk-free 1 month trial period.

Trial period will start the day you receive your Epichef. Try it out, cook your favourite food, try out the recipes on the app.

If Epichef doesn't suit you, reach out to us via email, on any of our socials or livechat (Tap the speech icon at the bottom right of this page) within 30 days.

We will arrange for a pick up of the product at our cost.

Once we have received the item, we will then process a full refund for you. No other fees involved.

The idea behind our trial period is that we want every customer to be happy with their purchase. If you think Epichef is not for you, we don't want to keep your money too. This is how we maintain a true 100% customer satisfaction.

No! We know that is not possible when food is involved. However, we urge you to treat Epichef with utmost care and keep it as clean as possible whether you're on the trial period or not.

Treat Epichef well, we guarantee you that Epichef will serve you and your family even better!

*We will not tolerate any misconducts. That means, signs of abuse, misuse or returns with the intention to commit fraud.

This is what you have to prepare:

1) The unit with everything in tact (The basket and the crisper plate)

2) The user manual

3) Box and all inserts.

We will guide you on the return process too when you reach out to us.

The refund process is immediate on our end, however, it depends on the bank you're with, usually, it will take 7 working days for your money to be back in your account.

Iron-clad warranty coverage

Answers to great questions you asked about Epichef's Iron-clad warranty coverage.

Every Epichef is covered by our 12 month iron-clad warranty coverage.

Get a 6 month extension at 7.99SGD.

You get 18 months of coverage in total.
The longest coverage in the industry.

Every part of Epichef is covered by the warranty! From the basket to the electronics. If it's not repairable or replaceable, we will send you a new one.

The team will review every claim thoroughly to provide you with the best solution.

Reach out to us via email, social media or livechat on our site! We will then guide you on the process.


Local islandwide delivery will always be on us.

Delivery is 1-3 working days. Usually, it should reach you by the next day but in some cases it may take up to 3 working days.

Our delivery team will give you a call upon arrival, if you're not home, you can advise them to place Epichef at a safe spot. If not, they will make 2 more delivery attempts to you. Usually the next day.

In total, 3 attempts will be made to you. If all 3 attempts fail, Epichef will be returned back to our warehouse. If you still want delivery to be made, it will be chargeable at $20 per location.

If not, you can request for a self pick up. We will provide our warehouse address to you upon request.

No, we do not deliver to countries outside singapore right now. However, we are working on it. You will find out when we do!

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