Hello, I'm Epichef.
Your Smart & Versatile
Kitchen Partner.

Millions of meals and counting cooked globally. Let's munch together.

Made news!

Hello, This is Epichef.

Meet your smart, thoughtful and versatile cooking partner that is packed into one resilient machine.
It's a real feast for your eyes too. Nice.

"We were impressed with the Kyvol AF600 air fryer when it comes to crisping foods. Everything we cooked including fries, frozen chips and chicken wings had a satisfying crunch"


“This is truly a unique one of a kind bucket air fryer with features that we have never seen before in any bucket air fryer that we have reviewed.”


"The brand new Kyvol Epichef AF600 is an awesome air fryer we’ve been testing for a couple of weeks. And you’ll be happy to know that this sleek new model offers much more than just gimmicky smart features"


"From the simplest toast to tasty buffalo wings to reheating leftovers. This is a handy kitchen addition."


Leave the icky heat and grease from deep frying behind.

Epichef contains it and leaves the person on clean-up duty, smiling.

Never run out of meal ideas. Ever.

Delight your taste buds with 100+ fresh air fryer recipes in the Kyvol App.
Updated Monthly.

The Kyvol App

Take control, rule the kitchen.

Monitor progress, adjust time & temp, get notifications , browse great recipes and more.

Available on iOS & Android.

Vision Display™ Window

Monitor your meals, watch food sizzle & melt.

Dream. Come. True.

Carbon Fibre™ Tube

Epichef uses pulses of light to cook hotter and faster.

Experience 30% faster* cooking time with the power of Heat & Light.

Fine product engineering

Designed with you in mind.

It should be easy, it should be convenient, it should be pleasant to your eyes.

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